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What's New

Free Lecture on Shamanic Feng Shui,  This Sunday, January 28th, 2018 at Embracing Your Journey Expo.  Begins at 1:30 pm.

Free Webinar on Monday, February 12th, 2018 - Social Media for Personal Transformation.  Gain tips on using Social Media to uplift you rather than deplete you.

6-week Webinar starting Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 - A.I.M.E:  A Guide for Personal Transformation.  Based on Jennifer's new e-book coming out in mid February, this webinar covers a 6-week journey of personal transformation.  You set goals using the tools provided in the book, the group supports each other (using the principles of social media covers in the 2/12/18 webinar, you progress in manifestation of these goals and shift the way you present yourself in the world.  If you want to be a part of intentional, power change, this is the seminar for you.  Register at moonlightmanifestation@gmail.com.  $250 per person

New E-Book - A.I.M.E. - A Guide for Personal Transformation (Coming out in mid-February) - the webinar is based on this book.  Introductory price is $9.99.

New Online Courses - Jennifer will be offering a series of online courses soon.  The first will be Animal Communication 101 followed by Medical Intuition 101.  Check back often to see what new courses are available.

Private Sessions - you may now schedule private sessions in a number of different areas:

- Medical Intuition / Angelic Healing - this work supports not only those interested in helping a physical issues, can help with transforming mental / emotional concerns which affect one's ability to achieve his/her goals.  ($350 / 90 minutes)

- Shamanic Transformation - this powerful work helps those interested in raising their consciousness, opening themselves up to their gifts and bringing an end to old cycles.   ($450 / 120 minutes)

- Animal Communication (with or without Angelic Healing) - one session per animal.  Use this session to understand how your animal is feeling about his/her environment, whether there is anything he/she needs, how you can support and connect deeper with your animal.  You can opt for a longer session and include the channeling of Angelic Healing energy to your animal. ($175 / 45 Minutes, $250 / 60 Minutes)

- Spiritual Life Coaching - Work with Jennifer on opening to your intuitive and/or healing gifts and so much more.  Jennifer can provide you a reading of your life path and areas in which your Angels and Guides are there to support you.  Learn to communicate with your guides, set your energetic boundaries, reduce the impact of empathic abilities.  Sign up for a series of sessions to accelerate your advancement.

Other Types of Sessions

- Space Clearing / Blessing - whether it is your home, land, or business, Jennifer can clear away old stagnant energies causing negative impact to residing in that space.   With your positive intentions, Jennifer can also work with Angels and Guides to bring blessings to your space. (Starts at $950 and up)

- Shamanic Feng Shui - Jennifer is now offering a written report based on the intuitive reading of your current manifestations (intentions you have put out in the universe - which may help and/or hinder you).  You select 3-5 goals and Jennifer "reads" what is happening (or blocking) those goals.  This is complementary to the Shamanic Transformation work she does as well. (Starts at $550 and up)

- Baby Blessings - Jennifer is also offering baby blessings.  During the first year of your baby's life, the transformation of the baby goes from being very open Spiritual (fontanel open) to shifting how he/she connecting with the Spiritual World.  Gifted children may be "too" open.  This blessing helps set intentions for how this is done.  Jennifer can communicate with your baby's high self, get permission to assist and "closing down" or setting boundaries with the Spirit world.  This allows the baby to more naturally open to his/her "gifts" at the appropriate time.  Clients have reported that their children are more relaxed in public and sleep better than ever.  ($250)

Animal Communication