Jennifer Morrison is a talent Medical Intuitive Shamanic Healer.  She uses her gifts of "sight" "hearing" "knowing" and "sensing" to identify blocks to your body's natural ability to heal itself.  She channels healing energy as she leads your through a guided imagery focused on releasing blocks to healing.  She helps you clearly focus your mind on positive, loving, healing thoughts which engage your Free Will - which is necessary to permanently release blocks and manifest a life of health, happiness, unconditional love and acceptance.

Each session with her is unique to you and your current goals - whether this is healing of physical ailments, improved emotional health or achieving a particular goal.  While she is not a doctor and does not diagnose, she is often given x-ray pictures of your physical and/or energetic body.  She interprets this information via her gift of  "knowing" - what aspect of your energetic body contributes to the block.  She "hears" what your mind, body or Spirit says they need to feel supported and allow transformation to occur.  She uses the tool of trans-channel hypnotherapy (rather than using a standard hypnotherapy script for everyone, Jennifer "channels" a personalized guided imagery for you to follow based on information from Spirit.  She "senses" when you experience release or when you need more time to process energy blocks.  In many cases, these blocks are either associated with past life (or early life) experiences.  Jennifer accesses your Akashic Records to receive detailed information about the blocks you have related to past traumatic events.

Besides channeling healing energy, Jennifer provides messages of support and guidance from your Angels / Spirit Guides.  She always honors your belief systems and only shares positive, loving messages which are for your best and highest good. 

BENEFITS:  Many clients report rapid pain relief, decreased anxiety / stress, a deep sense of relaxation, improved sleep, overall increase in happiness and joy, greater connection with their guides / Angels / Spirit, .....and much more.